Auto Add Friend Requests Facebook

                                               Auto Add Friend Requests Facebook
Auto Add Friend Requests Facebook
Does Facebook automatically send or accept friend requests?

Facebook doesn’t automatically sends request BUT,

But If you’ve invited all your contacts, and they join at anytime, your request to them sent automatically by Facebook.

On other end, when you’re signing up and finding contacts, If you click on connect with all friends, then Facebook may send requests to all contacts who have account on Facebook.

Yuri Isabel Manzano, Astounding at Social Media ·

Yes, Facebook automatically send friend request to those who are new on Facebook world even if you didn’t sent a friend request. but, you can actually remove or deactivate that ‘Automatic Send Friend Request’ by going to your facebook settings and change your Privacy into ‘Only me’.
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Diptesh Kumar Bhakat, Facebook page ·

Yes, it’s possible but Facebook don't do that type of shitty thing, that type of thing only create some third party apps or third party websites.

If you used auto Facebook followers from any agency or any website then it possible coz they break your account privacy and access your account to send some others people from account.

So here are secret to sending FB request.

No there is no any tools, software to accept FB friends request you should accept those request manually.

If any query then freely ask here by comment

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Varun Kelaiya, lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India ·

No that's not possible. Yeah facebook can show Suggested friends…:)
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