Best Friend Request Message

Best Friend Request Message

                                  Best Friend Request Message

How to make a girl accept a friend request through message for 1st time

Uma Mahi, Been there and done it ;) ·

I am sure you read her profile, saw her photo albums, friends and mutual friends and read her posts before actually wanting to become her friend. So, there should have been something that is pushing you to send her a friend request. I think you should mention that when you send her a friend request.

For example- You look so pretty, can I be your friend? - is not going to be accepted

I like your eyes, they are so amazing. I want to be your friend - is not going to be accepted

I see that you have so many friends who are boys, I would like to be your friend too. - is not going to be accepted

I saw your photo albums and looks like you are interested in travelling. I love travelling too. I have visited those places. Since we have a common interest, can we be friends? - will definitely get an acceptance.

I saw this xyz posts of yours and I liked your opinion really. I feel the same about that issue. I guess we have common views on such issues. Can we connect here in Facebook? - will definitely get a acceptance.

I think I have given you enough examples. Let me know if this helped.

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Rajneesh Ahlawat, Luv is MAGICAL! Requires NO Reason othr thn prfct meeting of Heart, Mind & Soul! ·
Listen and understand:
The Girl is NOT a "Machine" that You send her a "code" (a technical "instruction" that "only" a machine understands !) and she starts acting on Your whims and fancies !
The people whom You solicit advice on Quora are NOT God ! They may (at the best) help You navigate but You shall have to tide over the difficult waters all by Yourself !
Don't befool Yourself that You'd be able to win a girl's heart, mind and soul with a "well-drafted" ("1st time") message !

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Is this answer still relevant and up to date?

 I would say to research about her. Get all the information about her what does she like, where does she live, what are her hobbies and this list is infinite collect each and every possible information. Then accordingly write some cheesy line which will attract her towards you.

For example suppose she loves to listen the songs then in that case try to find out l what are her best songs and then in your messages try to include the words from that song.

Suppose the song she likes is ye moh moh ke dhaage

Then lines would be like “tere moh ke dhaage me ham yu lipat se gaye, tere Charo or yu lipat se gaye, ham us pahli ko dudhte rah gaye, jisne bnaya tere moh ka deewana. is moh ke dhaage ko tutne mat dena, kyoki hame tere pyar me bahte hi rahna. ”

Dum Laga Ke Haisha : Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Male) Song Lyrics –> Papon

She will accept your friend request with closed eyes, I guarantee.

Simply send the request if she excepts it then fine because it is not easy for girl to except friend request unless they have mutual friends so it is really difficult better go for other option………

Well , if you want her accpt your request then first you have to be in her good looks .

Just look at her when she is passing by , just normal look , don’t stare so that she could see you .

After you conform that she has seen you , send her friend request . With that request, you can send a message, just a simple one maybe hey or how are you .

But if she rejected your respect, don’t be cheap , just leave things there . Don’t send it again or message her. I would suggest you personally that you should block that girl .

Hope this will help you..

Harshita Totla, studied Commerce at Narsee Monjee College of Commerce And Economics

Be sarcastic and funny with the opening line because frankly we hate guys who start with the usual like Hi , How are you. Etc.

A little mystery will compell her to accept your request.

Ricky Merc, Teacher, Sales Person and Engineer (1996-present) ·

Sell yourself in a very interesting way.

Like an ad.

A product will not be bought if it doesn’t at least makes an impact on their target market.

Make her notice you.

Use a joke, a witty byline.

Whatever makes her hooked.

It’s all on you.

Do your best!
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