Create Live Poll On Facebook

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Create Live Poll On Facebook

Create your Facebook Live Poll

Attention! As of May 16, 2017, our Facebook Live Polls app is no longer available as it doesn’t comply with the new change to Facebook’s policy on the use of the Facebook Live API and therefore it’s not possible to run Facebook Live polls and surveys with Easypromos. You can read more about it here.

However, you should be aware that Facebook prohibits the use of Reactions as a voting mechanism. This might seem surprising, considering how many Pages publish this sort of polls. But Facebook’s guidelines on the correct use of Reactions leave no room for doubt.

Facebook specifies the following practices as not being acceptable ways of using Reactions:

If using Reactions as part of a poll, don’t use Reactions in the following ways:
Don’t associate a Reaction with something that doesn’t match its emotional intent (ex: “choose angry if you like the cute kitten”).
Don’t make Reactions the most distinctive or prominent feature of your creative.
Don’t use Reactions for polls in video where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images

But it’s not all bad news! In Easypromos we’ve developed an app that enables you to take full advantage of the potential and virality of Facebook Live in a way that’s 100% compatible with Facebook Guidelines. The app is called Facebook Live Polls and it enables you to present a question that participants can then vote on by leaving comments with different words. In addition, you’ll also be able to set up the Survey so that the user can use a specific hashtag, which will give you more control. You’ll also have a reactions counter to display the voting results in real time. Check out the example below:

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The main characteristic of this app is its ease of use. It enables you to create a poll quickly, straightforwardly, and in a way that’s totally compatible with Facebook’s guidelines. Most important of all, since no programming skills are required, you can have the poll ready in minutes. All you’ll need to bring to the table is your own creativity.

The primary benefit of this type of surveys is that they can reach a large audience organically, thanks to the following:
The Live Poll is carried out using Facebook Live technology which gives you the ability to stream a live video. Currently, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes this type of post, meaning that its organic reach is greater than that of other types of posts. In addition, you’ll notice that when launching a live video, Facebook sends real-time notifications to followers who are currently logged in, announcing that a live broadcast has started.
The poll is carried out from the words or hashtags included in the comments beneath the post. The more comments made, the greater the engagement and the more Facebook’s algorithm will reward the post by giving it greater relevance on users’ newsfeed. In addition, when a user comments on a Facebook Live post, the probability of Facebook notifying the user’s friends in real time is greater.

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