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Facebook Group Poll
Adding a Poll to a Facebook Group Page

In a business environment, you may require that all employees weigh in before making any major changes to an important company project. Facebook groups give you, or any other member of the group, the ability to create a poll for all members to vote on. Whether your group is open, closed or secret, the process is the same. Note that even if anybody can view your group, only actual members of the group can vote.

Step 1

Click "Ask Question" at the top of your Facebook group page.

Step 2

Enter the poll question in the "Ask Something" field.

Step 3

Click "Add Poll Options."

Step 4

Enter in the poll responses in the fields provided. Your poll can have a total of ten responses.

Step 5

Click "Post" to add the poll to your group page.

If you do not want other members of the group to add their own poll responses once you create the poll, disable the "Allow Anyone To Add Options" field located underneath the poll responses list.

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