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How to Access Facebook Full Site from iPhone or Android

Those who use Facebook from their mobile phones may need to access the full site sometimes to get some features that are not available in the mobile version. But Facebook usually redirects you to the mobile version of the website when you are using it from a phone.

However, you can use Facebook full site from a mobile device weather it be Android or iPhone with a few little browser tricks that are mentioned below.

Method 1 – Using URL

With this method you can get the desktop version of Facebook on any mobile device with just a URL trick. All you need to do is type in or tap the URL – www.facebook.com/home.php from any browser and then login to enjoy Facebook full version.

You can also do the opposite which is login first and then use the URL given above.

We recommend that you bookmark the URL for later use.
Method 2 – Using Browser Request

Please note that, this method sometimes doesn’t work because it’s up to Facebook whether they want to accept your request for a desktop site or not. But still no harm in knowing the method.

For Chrome Users

Open Facebook on Chrome browser. Then tap on the icon with three vertical dots from the top right corner. Afterwards tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’ from there.

For Safari Users

First, open Facebook on Safari. Tap the options icon from the bottom of the browser, scroll to the right and then tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’.
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I hope this tutorial helped you to browse the desktop version of Facebook from a mobile device. If you need any help regarding the issue then please comment below.
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