Fake Name Facebook Account Disabled

                                                 Fake Name Facebook Account Disabled
Fake Name Facebook Account Disabled
How to recover my disabled Facebook account in a fake name

I will try to help; there is a lot of guesswork below.

This are a few snippets I found for you:

From Facebook Account Locked or Disabled:
If Facebook suspects that you have two accounts or that you have created an account under a false name, you may receive a message that reads, We'll get in touch with you at the email address you provided after we've reviewed your ID. You will now be locked out of Facebook. If this is the case, there is unfortunately not much that can be done until Facebook investigates the issue and contacts you.

If you still have access to the email address you provided when creating the account you may want to try to appeal to Facebook. The following link shows the steps to do so:
How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account.
Facebook may request an explanation on why you created the fake name account. Have a good reason. Appeal to them telling them that you will update the name to the real one. They may allow you to do this.

This is a site that explains how to recover a fake name created because of a good reason: Facebook Won't Change Its “Real Name” Policy but Will Offer a Workaround.

That should get you started. I would try to follow the suggestions in the last link first, ie try to justify the use of the fake name. I bolded the suggestion for you.

If this those not help, come back. I may be able to find more options for you.

Had this happen a few weeks ago and I got it back.

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My original passport name is not the name I go by in everyday life, so almost none of the documentation they asked for was applicable.

I eventually managed to submit a contract (you can print out a template if you don’t have one) some mail (I order mail to my house using that name and had a package delivered recently) and I had to call my internet provider and change my name there, I just said I was swapping the name over and they didn’t have any questions.

I had to submit a few times before it was accepted.

Try to think outside the box if you are still stuck!
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