Fb Login Id Password

                                                         Fb Login Id Password
Fb Login Id Password

How to login into Facebook if forgot the login id and password

If you know what e-mail account you used to log in to Facebook. whether it be your gmail, outlook, yahoo mail or any other mail or if you have associated your cell number to the Facebook account. You can either do from the laptop or the phone and it would be to do this if you do it from the device which you usually use to open Facebook page or app
Go to Facebook page. (www.facebook.com)
Click on ‘Forgot account’

Once you do this, Facebook would recognize your account if you have been using the same device (phone or laptop) in past to get on it. Facebook and would ask you ‘ How do you want the code to reset the password?’ listing out three options.

It would be like this

Choose whatever is better for you to get Facebook reach you and help you on resetting your password or giving you back the access to your account.

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When you would have created a Facebook account then you would also had written a mobile number, so if you enter the mobile number in the id blank and then click on forgot password ,you can again access your account.
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