Find My Fb Id

Find My Fb Id
Find My Fb Id
Find My Facebook ID

How do i get my personal Facebook profile url?
It's really easy to get the url of your Facebook profile. Open Facebook and click on your name in the navigation bar next to Home. Copy the url from the browser bar, it will looks something like:

Any issues finding your personal profile url? Click this link and copy the url from the browser bar.

It's also possible to find a Page ID. This url will looks like:

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Why "Find My Facebook ID"?

Some Social Facebook plugins need your personal numeric Facebook user ID. This app will help you to find that Facebook ID really easy. Also it's possible with this app to get a Facebook id of a Page. There can be many reasons that you need this Facebook ID, so we hope this app will help you with that! To make this app work it is needed that we can access your Facebook account. Make sure in your privacy settings, the option "Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?" is on YES.
Problems with Find My Facebook ID?

Any issues or problems with getting the Facebook ID? Let us know! and we will help you.
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