How To Create a Poll In An Event

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How to Create a Poll on a Facebook Event on PC or Mac: 9 Steps
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How to Create a Poll on a Facebook Event on PC or Mac

This wikiHow teaches you how to post a poll on a Facebook event. Before you can post a poll to an event, you must create an event. You can create an event on your personal page, or any other page that you are an administrator for. Follow these steps to create an event and then post a poll to the event on Facebook.


Go to in a web browser. Using your preferred web browser, go to the main Facebook website.
Log in with your email address and password if you aren't logged in automatically.

Click Events. It's in the left column on your Facebook page, below the "Explore" heading.

Click an event's title. Select the name of the event that you want to create a poll for. If you have not yet created the event yet, click the blue "+ Create Event" button in the left column. Click here for more information about creating Facebook events.

Click Create Poll. It's above the box that says "Write something..." on the event wall.

Write a poll question. The poll question goes in the box that says "Ask something...".

Click + add option and type a poll option. Write the first option for poll question after the plus sign.

Click + add option below the first option to add another. Write the second option for your poll question. Repeat this process for as many options as you would like to have for your poll question.

Click Poll Options▾ and customize your privacy options. It's a gray box at the bottom-left of the Poll creation section. There are two options which are enabled by default that you can check or uncheck:
"Allow anyone to add options": allows others to add their own answers in addition to the ones you created.
"Allow people to choose multiple options": allows others to choose more than one answer.

Click Post. It's the blue button in the bottom-right corner of the popup. Once you've configured your poll to your liking, this will post the poll to your event's wall, allowing members to answer it.

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