How To Edit Facebook Profile

How To Edit Facebook Profile
How To Edit Facebook Profile
How to Edit Your Facebook Profile
Learning how to edit your Facebook profile can be tricky because the social network keeps changing the layout and options for entering and displaying each user's personal information.​

Your profile area on the network has a lot of different components. The two key elements are your Facebook Timeline (listing all the posts and activities by and about you on the network) and your About area (displaying your personal information in a bunch of different sections.)

Finding Your Facebook Profile

Facebook profile.

You can access your Facebook profile page by clicking on your small personal photo in the upper right navigation bar.

Understanding the Facebook Profile and Timeline Layout

Facebook profile page example.

If you click on your own profile photo from anywhere in Facebook, you land on the page that's often called Timeline and used to be called your "Wall." It's basically your profile page, and Facebook crams a lot of different stuff in here and changes it fairly often.

The profile page (shown above) encompasses both your "Timeline" and "About" sections. It was redesigned again in early 2013 to feature two columns, each with different purposes. The two columns are outlined in red in the image above.

The one on the right is your activity Timeline, displaying all of the Facebook activity about you. The column on the left is your "About" area, showing your personal information and favorite apps.
Tabs for Timeline, About

You'll notice four tabs below your profile picture. The first two are called Timeline and About. You can edit either your Timeline or About information by clicking on those tabs to go to the Timeline or About pages.

 Facebook "About" page allows you to edit personal info.

On your Facebook profile page, click the "About" tab below and to the right of your photo to see and edit your personal information. The "About" area encompasses not just your biographical details, but also information about your favorite apps on the network, pages you've liked and media you consume.
Sections for Work, Music, Movies, Likes & More

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By default, your "About" page has two boxes at the very top, but you can reorder them. "Work and Education" are on the left top and "Living" appears on the right. The "Living" boxes show where you live now and have lived previously.

Below those boxes is another for "Relationships and family" on the left, and two more--"Basic information" and "contact information"-- on the right.

Next comes the Photos section, followed by Friends, Facebook Places, Music, Movies, Books, Likes (organizations or entities you have liked on Facebook), Groups, Fitness, and Notes.
Change the Contents of Any Section

Edit the content inside any of these sections by clicking on the small pencil icon at the top right of the box. Pop-up or drop-down menus will guide you on where to enter various kinds of information.

Visit our Facebook Cover Photo guide to learn more about managing your cover photo at the top of the page.

Changing the Order of Facebook Profile Sections

 Drop-down menu lets you rearrange, add or delete sections in your "About" area.

To delete, add or rearrange any or all of the "About" sections, click the tiny pencil icon at the top right of the About page and then select "Edit Sections."

A drop-down will appear listing all the sections. Check or uncheck to hide or show the ones you want. Then drag and drop them to rearrange the order in which they appear on your profile page.

Click the blue "Save" button at the very bottom when you are finished.

You can add other apps to your About page, too, so long as you have already installed the app. Look for the "Add to Profile" button on the app page and click it. Then the app should show up as a small module on your About page.
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