How To Reactivate Facebook Ad Account

                                            How To Reactivate Facebook Ad Account
How To Reactivate Facebook Ad Account
How to Unlock Disabled Facebook Ad Account
A list of possible reasons and steps to make
Facebook advertising account block is a problem you can never deal with. It can also cause losses and deprive your potential profit. It's particularly offensive. So, the question is how to reactivate your Facebook advertising account if it's disabled on the eve of holidays when advertising cannot be postponed for several days.

Complains about a blocked account are frequent. Usually, the issues are resolved easily, but it is better to take precaution to avoid them.

There are three main reasons why Facebook blocks ads manager account:

Noncompliance with the rules and basic principles of working with advertising on Facebook

Inaccurate use of an account or means of payment

The error of the algorithm or an operator.
Let's analyze how to avoid blocking, hedge against the consequences, and learn what are the opportunities to quickly restore your work.

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Why Facebook Disables Accounts
Facebook protects its reputation and finances of advertisers. The algorithm blocks advertising or means of payment when actions or content seem suspicious to the system. The main task of the algorithm is detecting bad advertisers. The algorithm works on the principle of "it's better to block good advertising than to show an unacceptable one". So, many users are banned because of the unsteady system.

1. Bad Advertising

The whole account is usually not blocked because of only one unacceptable advertisement. Facebook blocks when several unapproved ads are accumulated or users complain about your campaigns.

The algorithm checks the image, the text and the page where the advertisement refers to. Therefore, the rules are applied not only to the material that Facebook users will see but also to the page users get to when they click.

Even if you are sure that your advertising is legitimate, appropriate and will benefit the public, read the rules of Facebook's Advertising Policy, it will take about an hour:

There is no doubt your advertising should be allowed by the law of the country where you launch it, not insult anyone, do not intimidate, mislead or manipulate. But there are many nuances that you do not suspect.

Several unobvious types of advertising that may be disapproved:

Too much text on the image. When creating images, keep in mind that the text does not cover more than 20% of the whole image. If there is more, the account will not be blocked, but the advertisement will be unnoticed by the users.Facebook has a tool to check how much text an image has. You may use this tool.

Goods and services, as well as content for adults. An exception is informative advertising about family planning or contraception. You can only target users over 18 years old.

The personal characteristics of the user are used. Race, religion, age, etc. are mentioned directly or indirectly. Advertising with questions like "Do you confess Christianity?" or "Are you already over 30?" are blocked as they point to the personal characteristics of the target audience.

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Non-existent functions: an arrow of video play on images, buttons that cannot be pressed, objects that are misleading. A vivid example is advertising of Kaiwei Ni Factory. When viewing an advertisement, it causes feeling that there is a hair on the screen that needs to be brushed off:

False results like images of "before" and "after" weight loss, expected earnings in network marketing, etc. Advertising of financial products with a promise of earnings is not approved by Facebook: binary options, network business, cryptocurrency.
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