How To Set A Poll On Facebook

                                               How To Set A Poll On Facebook

                               How To Set A Poll On Facebook
Polls for Facebook
How to Publish a Poll on your Facebook Page
One of the most frequent questions we're asked is how a poll can be published on a Facebook Page. A Page is not the same as a personal profile. A Facebook Page represents a business or public figure and has followers instead of friends.

A Page or Business Manager account cannot be used to access Facebook apps. You have to create the poll using your personal Facebook profile. Once you get to the Publish section (see image below), click the Add to Facebook Page button to publish the poll on your Facebook Page.

If your Page is not listed in the dropdown list, it usually means that the tab is already installed on the Page. In that case, navigate to your Facebook page and find the Poll tab on the left-hand side. On top of the tab, select your poll from the dropdown list.
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Once the poll is installed on the Page tab, you need to post the Share URL on your Page Timeline. You can find the Share URL and customize the post details from the Publish section. See the best practices blog article and the promoted post blog article for advice on how to maximize the reach of your post. You can also change your Page Tab name if needed.

If you manage a Page with colleagues, an Enterprise subscription will allow to connect up to 10 admins to the account.
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