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Licence model: Freeware
Language: English
Release date: 02/19/2018
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Facebook Messenger continues to improve and innovate as the app matures. It takes on messaging giants like Viber and Skype while strengthening its connection with the core Facebook experience. With voice and video calling, easy media sharing, the very useful Chat Heads interface, and additional tie-in applications like GIF Keyboard and fun games for people to play, there's a lot to do in Messenger, and the future looks bright. That said, for all the features and communication capabilities that it offers, performance is a big issue for many devices, with other apps sometimes slowing to a crawl while Messenger or Chat Heads are active. It's a minor quibble that can be resolved by closing the app or swiping away the Chat Heads, but it deserves recognition and attention from developers.

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Messenger is a free messaging application that works with the Facebook social networking platform.

With Messenger, you can send and receive private messages with your Facebook contacts right from your phone. You can also share multimedia files like videos, photos, and audio clips with your friends, and even send fun Stickers to liven up conversations. There are hundreds of different stickers to choose from, featuring famous characters, emotes, and others, with more added all the time.

Start Group Chats and participate in larger conversations. Name your conversations, share photos and easily find what's been shared.
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Like Viber, Messenger allows you to contact people in your phone's address book for free, using your data plan to send messages or make calls. The app can even take over as your default SMS app.

Chat Heads allow you to communicate with several people at once away from the Messenger app, allowing you to work on other apps and still stay in touch.
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