Old Version Of Fb Login

                                                     Old Version Of Fb Login

Old Version Of Fb Login

How to login into my Facebook account by using only an old password

Sagar Devkota, BE Software Engineering, Pokhara University (2020) ·

You cannot Login into Facebook Using your Facebook Old Password. But you can reset your password even if you don’t have access to your phone or email.

For that you need to use your regular device. (Your own Laptop or mobile you always used to login) Then go to Forget password. They will give you some options to reset your password (Mobile no. and email) If you have no access to those, just select Have no access)

They will ask for identity verification. I had just recovered my friends account about 2 - 3 weeks ago, He had lost the mobile number and had no email on that. They asked from ID verification, I Need to send them his Licence and That works.

Venkata Karthik Macherla, Digital Marketer at Day and Entrepreneur by Night ·

you can’t directly login to your Facebook account using your old password but you could reset it but if you forget the current password for this you need to have access to mobile/email or else it is very difficult to access your account.

here is how to get access to your account if you have access to your mobile or email
step 1 is obviously clicking on “forget password button”

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once you click on forget password this pops up, you could either use your google account or use second option of receiving a code from Facebook to your email.

if you doesn't even have access to this then don’t panic , just approach the help section of Facebook support and explain them your state and they will reset ur password by asking a valid identity proof. Driving license will suffice or any other document which is issued by your government will also do.

hope this is helpful.

If I were you I wouldn't bother using an old password for safety concerns usually like most all websites or social media it is recommended to reset or change your password ever so often to protect yourself from others getting into your account or hackers finding a way in. Its best to just reset your password, forget out the old one if you happen to remember best of your old one you can use it again but add or change something in it to make it a bit difficult for others to get and still easy for you to login in. Write it down in some note book and keep it hidden somewhere home so no one finds out. Also to note you can't login to facebook by using only your old password if you have forgotten it or have already reset it.
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