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Question App Facebook
Question App Facebook
Top 7 Facebook App Questions
Most people looking to use Facebook apps to benefit their business want to maximize brand awareness, increase Facebook fans, and engage customers. Facebook 3rd party apps allow you to host a Facebook Store, offers, give-aways, contests, and campaigns, which is what Wishpond can provide for you.
Top 7 Facebook App Questions:
How do I customize my tab on Facebook?
How do I select the winner for my campaign?
How can I customize my campaign?
Why does “Allow App” pop up when someone wants to enter my contest via Facebook?
I want a Facebook Store, how do I set that up?
How do I make my Facebook Store app look better?
Can I edit my campaign once I publish it?

How do I customize my tab on Facebook?Many people want to customize their Tab to make it look business branded. Tab Bar (red highlighted): Before (Wishpond default images/titles):After: Customize the Title, Image and Position:
hover over top right corner of tab & click the pencil icon
click a tab in the drop down menu to Swap PositionsOR
click settings
change title & image, click save
Your Return on Investment (ROI): Increase Brand Awareness. The more labelling and customization you have, the more professional, recognized and trust-worthy your business becomes.

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How do I select the winner for my campaign?With 3rd Party apps like Wishpond, you can select a winner at the end of the contest. Wishpond’s apps are designed within the Facebook guidelines so there is no need to worry about breaking the rules. With our apps you can select as many winners as you want:
Login to Wishpond
Go to Campaigns
Click your Campaign when it has ended
Click ‘Select a Winner ‘or ‘Select Winner Randomly’
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