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Question App Facebook
Question App Facebook
Facebook Launches New “Questions” Application
Today, Facebook launches a new in-house application called Questionswhich aims to make it easy for users to get recommendations, advice, and opinions on any subject. Users can pose questions which are displayed in the Questions Dashboard and the news feeds of the author’s friends, friends of friends, and people who like things related to a question’s tags. Answers are voted as helpful or unhelpful, surfacing the best responses and hiding the worst.

All Questions content is public, meaning it will quickly form a huge knowledge base that could best other Q&A sites like Quora if Facebook can keep the quality of content high. Facebook says that users frequently used status updates to ask questions, and they wanted to facilitate this behavior while making the knowledge created available to anyone interested.

Facebook is slowly rolling out the feature so they can closely watch how behavior patterns develop and react accordingly. Users who create top voted questions and answers may be asked to become community moderators to help guide the application’s users towards best practices.

A new Questions navigation button on the home page’s left sidebar leads to the Questions Dashboard. Here you are shown an input field asking “What do you want to know?”, and a list of relevant questions based on your interests, Questions activity, and friends. The dashboard also suggests topics and lists trending topics, a term pulled directly from Twitter, in the right sidebar.

When a user clicks on a question they are shown its existing answers, along with an input field to add their own answer. Some features from Quora that appear here include the option to follow a question so you receive notifications about its activity, and the ability to “Ask a Friend”. This option allows a user to direct a question to someone specific by typing in the name of a friend, or, unlike Quora, choose from a few suggested friends represented by mini-thumbnails of their profile pictures. Keyboard shortcuts for actions such as following a question, changing topic, or adding an answer are listed along the bottom of the screen.

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The answer page’s right sidebar lists who asked the question, along with their work info, network, and a mutual friend if you have one. Below that are related questions, related topics, and recent activity across the entire Questions application. At the top of the screen is a navigation bar that allows you to move to the next question in the currently viewed topic, or choose a new topic to browse, such as sports, The Simpsons, or everything, which brings up a random question. However, currently a bug is making navigation to topics unstable, often looping users back to the topic selection screen and showing the message “There are no questions about [this topic]” even if there are many. Facebook has acknowledged the bug and claim it will be fixed soon.

To initiate asking a question, a user types the query into the input field at the top right of the Questions dashboard, or into the new section of the publisher on the home page. This brings up the question editor, where a user can add a more detailed description, insert photos, and set up a poll between two choices in addition to text answers. Facebook will automatically scan questions and answers for keywords and tag them forming links to their Questions topics. Users can augment these auto-tags by manually adding pertinent topics. Authors can delete questions or edit them, even after they’ve been answered, creating a moderation concern since an author can change a question to make existing answers seem inappropriate or embarrassing.
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