Best facebook app for iphone 4

Facebook is an iOS version of this famous sharing website. This application gives Facebook users the opportunity to enjoy all its features for free and via a mobile device. The interface, the principle and settings remain the same as on the website itself. Games and several applications are made available for users.

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Key Features

  • Account manager: Facebook for iPhone and iPad enables to create and log in to an account. Completing the creation of an account can be fulfilled there with the ability to upload images and videos. Users are free to view a friend's profile, search and add new friends.
  • Instant Messaging: this is making the fame of Facebook. Contacts are given freedom to talk with each other in private or in group. Conversations are expressed via Smileys and Emoticons. A file sending option is also made available at users' disposal.
  • Games and applications: for several years now, Facebook has been endowed with various games and applications to let users play them directly on the network. This app also adopts this principle and gives gamers the ability to earn the highest score and share the masterstroke online.
  • Miscellaneous: apart from these features, Facebook enables to like and comment on a post, an image or a video published thereon. Other options give freedom to share videos, images and posts on this social networking service. It is also possible to create favorite lists (friends, events, photos, gifts, etc.) and groups and at the same time, receive feeds and notification from them.


  • Facebook is multilingual.


  • Nothing special to report.
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