Can i stop someone following me on twitter

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We are all sick of random bots and Bieber-wannabes spamming our Twitter feeds with gibberish or self-promoting posts. Thankfully, you can enjoy your Twitter timeline without being subject to these unwanted tweets. Here's how to block people on Twitter.

How to Block Someone on Twitter

1. Click on the offender's name. You can do so from your Twitter feed or from your Followers page.
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2. Hit the Gear button.
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3. Select Block (username).
The offending person won't be able to see your tweets on his or her timeline, nor will you be able to see theirs. They also won't be able to follow you or add your account to their lists. Of course, if your Twitter profile is public, all someone has to do is look up your name and go to your profile to see your tweets, so be sure to lock your account if you want some privacy. 
Regret your decision? Just repeat step 1 and click the button that says Blocked, and then hit Unblock.
How to Unfollow Someone on Twitter
If you just want to stop seeing tweets from particular people but don't want them to stop receiving your very important tweets, simply Unfollow them. This way you get to keep your follower-to-following ratio respectable. 
4. Hover over the blue Following button after repeating steps 1 and 2 above. 
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The button will turn red and say Unfollow.
5. Click Unfollow.
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You can always re-follow someone later, but then they will know what you did. 
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