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Copy and Paste Gifs: I believe many will agree with me if I say Facebook application is cool and fun to use due to various features added to it. You tend to receive notifications of different activities on Facebook on your mobile devices at the same instant as it is happening, even when you are not online on Facebook. This and many other features has made Facebook app more user friendly than logging in on a browser. 
But there is a short coming applicable to the app, you cannot copy from or paste to the application. I won't practically say that Facebook app not coping and pasting is a flaw on their part but it is a deliberate act to reduce plagiarism and copyright issues.
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There are two basic ways to copy and paste GIFs from a Facebook application which are explained below:

  • Select the GIF you wish to copy and click "share" just below it
  • Now click on "copy link to post"
  • Open your Facebook messenger
  • Paste the link you copied on a conversation box

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Then open the link to display the content of the post you wanted to copy from Facebook
Finally, you can now select the words, copy and paste on your Facebook wall.

THROUGH OCR (Optical Personality Recognition)
  • Take a screen capture of the post you wish to copy
  • Download OCR (optical personality recognition) from your various devices stores
  • Open the picture with the OCR app, the app will identify the text in the picture and produce it in a word format
  • Then from there, copy and paste it on your Facebook wall.
If you've tried these two and still not successful, then it's better you go through web browser which is extremely easy.
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