Download Facebook Data Deleted Messages

Download Facebook Data Deleted Messages: A particular feature by Facebook allows users to download all their information from their profile for offline use, with this, personal information such as photographs or conversations can be easily accessed for future reference. Though users will have to put in mind that Facebook won't allow them to restore the downloaded information back to their Facebook profile, but the downloaded data can be used to re-post photographs or posts to any other online services.

Note: It is your responsibility as a user to ensure the data that you download from your Facebook profile which will most probably contain highly sensitive information such as your personal photographs, inbox messages and other such stuff, is stored properly and kept safe.

Below are steps to take;
The profile information can only be downloaded on desktop but for the following tutorial a workaround will be utilized to enable downloading on an Android device.
  • Navigate to App list on android device.
  • Scroll through and open any web browser installed on the device. (E.g. Google Chrome for this tutorial) 

  • Once the web browser opens up, type in ‘’ into the URL address bar and tap ‘Enter’ key.
  • Usually base on users browsing history, the mobile version of Facebook gets loaded by default, you must replace the initial ‘m.’ with ‘www.’ in the URL address bar in order to access the desktop site. 
  • You can additionally ‘Request for Desktop site’ to ensure it opens the desktop site 

  • If you are not already signed-in, input your credentials in the corresponding fields, and tap the ‘Log in’ button. 
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  • Once the ‘News Feed’ page appears, tap the ‘Downward Arrow’ Button located on the top-right corner of the title bar.
  • From the displayed drop down options, select ‘Settings’.
  • On the ‘General Account Settings’ interface, make sure that the ‘General category’ from the left pane is selected.
  • From the right pane, tap the ‘Download a copy’ label provided at the bottom.
  • On the next window that appears, tap the ‘Start My Archive’ button.
  • In the opened ‘Please Re-enter Your Password’ popup box, input your account password in the Password field, and tap ‘Submit’ button.
  • On the ‘Request My Download’ box, tap the ‘Start My Archive’ button.
  • On the ‘Download Requested’ popup box that opens up, read the information, and tap ‘Okay’ button.
Note: The data downloaded will be sent to your registered email address that you provided at the point of creating your account.
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