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Download Facebook Data deleted Messages: Facebook is fun especially when you go through your chat history or previous chats with a particular user, an embarrassing thing might sometimes occur due to the error of deleting a certain message, photo, comment, video, remarks or any form of Facebook data message from your account and then you wonder, how can I recover the deleted FB data, well in today’s post we will show you the easy way to retrieve deleted Facebook data message by simply showing steps to Download Facebook data deleted messages. The steps listed below will recover the messages from your archived Data, this is the data Facebook stores on their web servers. So read on as you discover how to Download Facebook data deleted messages 

Download Facebook data deleted messages now

Step One: Unarchive: To download your Facebook data, the first step is to simply Unarchive the data, perform these actions to get this done
  1. Log in to your Facebook messages.
  2. From your account profile, go to "Messages".
  3. Then click on "More" Option and from the list of alternatives select "Archived" to reveal deleted messages.
  4. Once this messages are shown, Select the message of your choice and then click on Unarchive.
Step Two: Download Facebook Data: It is time to download the Facebook data. To do this, the first thing to do is to login to your Facebook account if you aren’t logged in and then go to the general settings page of your account as shown in the image below. 

  1. Now you need to click the "Download a copy of your Facebook Data" option
  2. The next page will show you certain data in your archived list which is where Facebook stores your pictures, videos, messages, posts and many more of your activities on the platform.
  3. Then click the "Start my Archive" switch, once you do this, your archive will be compressed and when the compression is done, a notification to confirm the download process will pop out from your home notification.
  4. At this stage you might wonder how much time is required to download your FB data, well the simple truth is that depends on the size of the data you wish to download but you won’t have to wait pretty long the maximum is 30 mins and this also depends on your internet connectivity.
  5. When the download is done, a verification e-mail will be sent to you with the details of your files, simply login to the email address you used to sign up on Facebook and download your data. The email sent will have the subject "Your Facebook download is ready", and it has the link to download the files at the bottom of the email. If this email is not found in your inbox, inspect your spam folder in Gmail or "Junk" for YahooMail users.
  6. Once you click on the link, you will be required to supply your Facebook password and click on download to start the process.
  7. When the process ends, the file will be in ZIP format. So to access the file, you need to decompress it and the best app for PC is WinRar, download this software and decompress your file.
  8. You will see that the file includes all your Facebook Data both the shared and private information which can be opened by category, and accessed in your Internet browser.
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I hope you have effectively recuperated all your Facebook Data in no time. That's good for you, kindly share to help others

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