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Download Facebook Messenger | Faceb Messenger | Fb Messenger: Facebook functionalities has grown over the years and the platform has expanded towards more social functions than to just add friends and communicate with loved ones. Facebook platform is now used to promote brands, create events, pages and other new amazing features, no wonder the social media giant has simply created a separate medium simply for chats and ease of communication. 

Download Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is a special application solely dedicated to cater for the communication aspect of Facebook, with this app, it is easier to receive and send messages, so to download this Facebook Messenger application, follow the steps listed below.
Base on your mobile device type, simply go to the application store 
  1. For android Users: Go to the Google Play Store
  2. For Windows Users: Go to the Application Store
  3. For Iphone users: Go to the ios apple store or itunes
The steps to download from these store are simply the same, so in this article we will show an example using the Android OS. So for other device users follow this steps similarly and android users should strictly adhere to this easy steps. 
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  • From your device’s home screen, Locate the android Google Play store icon and tap on it
  • Once the application launches, simply click on the search field located in the upper section and type in Facebook Messenger as shown in the image below. Note the auto suggestion that completes the Facebook search result 

  • Click on the Facebook Messenger option
  • On the next page that loads,you will see a preview of the application as shown in this image, simply tap on the install button to start the download and install process
  • Once the application is downloaded and installed on your device, you can tap on open from the google play store or simply head back to your device home screen to locate and launch the app
  • On launching the app you just need to simply your Facebook details (Username and Password) to login
  • On successful login, your Facebook chats and contacts load up with the active users separated at the top and you can start enjoying your conversations.

That’s how easy it is to download and install Facebook Messenger.
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