Facebook Account Login: I Forgot My Password

Facebook Account Login: I Forgot My Password: As you all know that Facebook if not the most popular social media platform that is existing, it is definitely one of them. It has over a billion users who has created account with them already and also has about a thousand people who creates account on daily basis. The Facebook application was introduced to make surfing Facebook a lot more easier, the app does not actually require users to log out frequently, even some users have never logged out of their Facebook app since they have logged in.

In a situation you find yourself logged out of your Facebook app and you really don’t know the process to re-log in into your account, don’t worry, this article will educate on the steps to take in order to get yourself back into Facebook. All you just need to do is follow the steps below and you will definitely log in your account back;
  • Simply go to the Facebook login page using this link https://facebook.com
  • On the login page, enter your email address or your phone number depending on what was used to register your account
  • Then just below that, enter your Facebook password, note that your password is case sensitive, it must be the same as the one you used when creating your account.
  • Then click on “log in”
Then you will be directed straight into your Facebook account
Isn’t it simply?
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In case you can’t remember your password, don’t worry, here is how you can reset your password to something new;
  • On the Facebook login page, click on “forget password” which is far below the password field
  • On the next page, enter your Facebook username or phone number/email address in order to detect your Facebook account
  • From the list of account, select your account which will show your profile picture
  • Then you will be asked how you wish to reset your password, you can either show to receive a code with your email or phone SMS\
  • Depending on the one you choose, a code will be sent to you, enter the code in the space provided and click “ok”
  • If the code is the same as the one sent to you, then your account will be logged in, then you will be asked to immediately change your password to something new. 
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Now I believe this article has helped you login into your Facebook account or helped to reset your Facebook password, kindly share this with your friends so they can also learn how it can be done.
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  1. My wife facebook account being hacked.If email was deactivate quite a number of year, how to receive code to recover password? Last year had change contact number but did not aware to change details her facebook account.How to reset the password with alternative way to recover her facebook account? Even sent message to facebook team also useless , it happened 2 week ago but still haven resolve yet.Kindly you can advise any solution on this issue.Appreciate your advise.