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Group Chat Polls Comes To Facebook’s Messenger App: Facebook has added a couple of new features to its Messenger app today – the ability to insert polls to group chats and suggestions to pay back friends using the built-in payment system in Messenger that Facebook rolled out to everyone in the U.S. in June of last year. While the polls feature is pretty self explanatory in what it offers, the ability to set up a question and propose that question to friends in a group chat for things like where to eat dinner or where to take a trip to for the weekend, the payment suggestions feature has a little more to it.

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Facebook Chat Poll

When it comes to polls, Facebook says the feature is rolling out to users on both the Android and iOS platforms as of today in the U.S. (Chat Assist is U.S. only as well), although there is no guarantee that it will show up for everyone today. If it is there, the poll option will either be a new icon in the bar of chat features above the keyboard or it will be accessible from the “more” options menu, which should be the three little dots that are at the end of that bar. Making the polls look to be an easy task, with the ability to add multiple options, and after the poll is made and posted to the group chat, anyone inside that chat who has already voted can change their vote if they feel the need. There are some details which Facebook doesn’t explain, like the maximum amount of options that can be added to a poll question, but other than that everything else is pretty straightforward. Facebook does not mention at this time when or if these features will be introduced to other regions.

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