Facebook Flair

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Facebook Flair

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Who remembers Facebook Flair?
Long before the addictive days of Pinterest and Instagram, it was Facebook that provided us with the perfect platform on which to show off our personalities. Ahh, yes, I’m talking about the good old Flair board.

 Do you remember it? It was the high-tech equivalent of what teens used to do in the ’80s when they’d plaster all sorts of buttons on their backpacks. Your hobbies. Your favorite bands. Your hopes and dreams. It was all there — bared for the whole world to see.

And because I tend to be prone to fits of overwhelming nostalgia (translation: I like to save things…), I just had to save my Flair board.
 Something told me it would come in handy some day. Well, what do you know? It looks like that day has finally arrived. 

That’s my old Flair board, above, full of all my favorite things, including the boys of Supernatural, ALF and High School Musical. Don’t judge.

Did you have a Flair board back in the day, friends? What was on it? xoxo
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