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Your Facebook Friend Requests Will Disappear Automatically After 14 Days

Facebook is testing a new feature which will make your life slightly easier if you tend to get a large number of friend requests.

With this feature, friend requests that haven’t been responded to within the last 14 days will disappear automatically.
Expiring Friend Requests

According to a screenshot posted by Tech Crunch, the friend requests come with a time limit for accepting them in some people’s profiles.

Also, in the app’s help section which opens after you choose to Learn More, a passage reads:

Note: Friend requests expire after 14 days. If a request expires before you accept it, you can send that person a friend request instead.
Request Limit?

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We already know that other than its famous 5,000 friends per account policy, Facebook has a limit on the friend requests each person can get. This number is not publicly known, though, is thought to be 5000 minus the number of friends you have. With this timed feature, hopefully, the friend requests that actually matter won’t be lost in the swarm.
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