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With the new search, has Facebook discontinued the Graph Search capability? I can no longer search for strings like 'Friends of X who are friends with me and from India.'

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Facebook didn't remove Graph Search entirely. All, or most, of its functionality is still available, but slightly hidden.

The simpler queries can easily be typed in using the search bar, but the more advanced queries can only be accessed through a direct URL.

Searching a Graph Search-like query will often return a Graph Search box at the top of your search results:

Clicking "See More" will bring you to the Graph Search URL show you the full Graph Search results.

If you study the URLs, you can form your own advanced queries.

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While there is a method for reverting settings, you can only turn off Facebook Graph Search until the system forces all users into Graph Search, so the “old Facebook” will only be available for a limited time. Meanwhile, click the gear icon at the top of your Facebook page, click “Account Settings,” then open the “General” tab and select “Language Settings.” Here’s where it gets tricky. If your language is defaulted to English (US), select another version of English, like English (UK). The reason this turns off Graph Search is that the updates are currently only available in the US, so changing your language will switch Graph Search off, but again, this only lasts until Facebook rolls out the new options to all users. After you’ve altered your language, hit “Save Changes” and Graph Search will be gone immediately.
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