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The DoubleDown Casino mobile application allows you to play connected to your Facebook account or as a Guest. Guest accounts and Facebook-connected accounts are completely separate. It is not possible to transfer chips, XP, or any other information between the two account types.

If you started playing as a Guest but later logged in to Facebook in the game, you may have progress and chips you want to continue to use in the Guest account. You can continue to use both accounts interchangeably, but the accounts cannot be combined.
Tap the three parallel lines in the upper right to open the settings/options menuTap to open the Options menu.
To sign out of your Guest account and in to Facebook:
  1. In the Options menu, tap Logout.
  2. Tap Facebook Login.
To sign out of your Facebook-connected account and play under your Guest account:
  1. In the Options menu, tap Logout.
  2. Choose Play Now to play as a Guest.
If multiple members of your household share the same device, please note that it is possible to log in to a different Facebook account in the game. However, you may first need to log out of your account in the standalone Facebook app and/or any browser you have used to access Facebook before you can successfully log in to an alternate Facebook account within our game.
If you need help recovering or resetting your Facebook login credentials, please visit the Facebook help center.
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