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We took the official Facebook icon and adopted for different styles that you may need for your website, app- and UX design. They are available in PNG format for free download (and you can buy SVG iconstoo). Unlike the official Facebook logo guidelinesthat have a single image and insist on using it no matter how bad they fit your design, we've created several versions of the Facebook logotype that match your design and match your size. For example, Android and Windows 10 versions are great in small resolutions, while iOS and decorative icon packs serve better for higher resolutions.

This is a very well known logo on the Facebook page. It is a small f surrounded in a square with all corners rounded. It is located on the top left corner on the Facebook web page.

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Story about Facebook Icon
After I came home from work one day, I decided to sit down at the computer and finally look at my Facebook page after so long. Only to realize, as I already knew, that I didn’t have any friends in there, mostly because I hated using it. I've always been in denial about it because I don't think it's that useful at 52 years old, although "friends" in the real world tell me otherwise. They always tell me to stop using the house phone and an old crummy compute rand start using Facebook and a mobile phone. In my opinion, the only thing mobile about a phone is when you throw it out the window after a long conversation with your ex-wife and even she uses Facebook.

So I decided to give social media a try using a new "portable" phone instead of my Windows 98 computer; that way, I can keep in touch with people on the go—pulling my hair out has never been easier. With every last hair still on my head, I truly got into Facebook, saw the free downloadable icon, clicked on it, and instantly got it. I suddenly enjoyed using it to keep in touch with my friends on a daily basis, uploading pictures, status updates and poking everyone online.

Of course, now, I was also able to stalk my ex-wife efficiently without having to talk to her, and although I'm on the same social network as my wife, I enjoy logging onto Facebook—the same way I enjoyed logging into life when I was 22!

Proper UsageThis article describes the Facebook icons that you should and should not use.
DoFirst of all, the current Facebook logo is this:

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Update: the image above has some off-put color; we've screenshoted it from the official guidelines but didn't fix the color. Sorry, to be fixed.

Facebook suggests these icons (all of these are available for download in EPS or PNG formats, along with the guidelines:

Also, Facebook suggests using these thumbs up icons also known as Like buttons:

Unlike Facebook, we advise you using the adoptations of the original logo to suit your design better.

In particular, adaptations are greatfor small resolutions such as 32x32. Look, this small icon is pixel perfect (pls ignore a little blur of f — that happens in Sketch when zooming the view):

Also, this office style icon would look way better with Ribbon bar:

Don'tFacebook official guidelines list some of the weird cases. No designer would do that:

However, using the proper assets isn't just about good design. There're lots of outdated stuff there.

Don't use this old glossy design, even if it's used all over Wikipedia:

Neither use its Android, sharp edged version:

And yeah, don't use the old font (in the bottom):
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