Facebook instant messenger for Iphone

                                     Facebook instant messenger for Iphone

Facebook instant messenger for Iphone

Add details for your appeal. In the "Additional info" field near the bottom of the page, enter any extra information that you think Facebook should know. Some things to include are:
If your legal name is different than your Facebook name.
If you suspect that your account was hacked by someone.
If you have visual evidence that someone other than you is responsible for abusive or abrasive actions on your Facebook account.
If you have been harassed by someone whom you suspect is behind your account's behavior that led to it being disabled.

Click Send. It's in the bottom-right side of the form. Your appeal will be sent to Facebook. If they decide to revoke the deactivation, they will send you a message letting you know that your account is now available to access.
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Yes, if you've given your mobile number before your account was blocked or hacked.
How do I open a disabled Facebook account?
Put the confirmation code into Facebook the next time you login.
How do I recover an account that I accidently deleted. I don't remember the password.
You can reset it by going to the official Facebook page and click on " forgot password" then follow steps to restore it.

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How can I reactivate my Facebook account that I disabled by accident?
If the email is sent to you, just log in, and then boom! Your Facebook account should reactivate.

How do I restore a Facebook deactivated by a hacker?
If your account has been deactivated for less than a month, you can restore it just by logging in.
How do I recover my disabled Facebook account?
Read the article again. There are methods provided to help you recover it.

How do I recover my account if I have forgotten the password?
You can reset your password by going to the official Facebook page. Click on "forgot password" and follow the instructions.
How do I know if my appeal to Facebook about my disabled account was received?
They may send you an email notification.
I am trying to have my account reactivated but the phone number I used to create the account and email address is being rejected by Facebook as invalid. What can I do now?
You must make sure to type the number correctly, and put the country code too.
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