Facebook Lite Update New Version

Facebook Lite Update New Version: Facebook Lite is an amazing application released by Facebook.inc which serves as a lighter version of the Facebook application, with this application you can access your preferred social platform even when your internet connectivity is not strong and it consumes less data because it is an abridged version of the official Facebook app. 

This application comes with several features such as small application size, little device’s memory usage and woks perfectly even with slow networks. 
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How to Download Facebook Lite
From your device’s store, simply search for the Facebook lite, once the results comes up, download and install the app as shown in the picture below 

Update Facebook Lite New Version
To the current users of the Facebook Lite application, you can simply check if the application installed is up to date and if not you simply need to update the app. To verify if the application is up to date, follow these simple steps. 
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  • From your device Homescreen, locate the store app and launch it. For android users, the Google play store app is the app with the little shopping bag with a vibrant logo on it
  • Launch the device’s store by tapping on it and key in the search term Facebook Lite
  • Click on the name of the application once it comes out in search result
  • Once the application page loads, beside the more info button you will see the following options
  • Install: This option appears if you have not installed the application on your device at all, simply click the install button to download and install the application on your device.
  • Update: This shows there is a new version that needs to be downloaded, simply click on the update button to update the application to the latest version
  • Open: This is the third option that appears and this option indicates that your Facebook Lite application is up to date and you should simply click on open to launch the application.
These simple steps ensure that you have the latest version of the Facebook Lite application installed, so go ahead and update Facebook Lite Latest Version. Kindly share this article with others.

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