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Lite App: Facebook Lite is a novel android app built by Facebook. It is a version of Facebook built for better compatibility with poor data connections and low-end phones. It’s an app for the entire world, but more specifically for developing countries where data connectivity is hard to come by. Facebook Lite is very similar to the original version of Facebook and even has a few added benefits which we would show you.
Facebook Lite

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Benefits of Facebook Lite
Space conservation. As a download, Facebook Lite is under 1MB, and once its installed, it takes up just 2.82MB of space on the device. That when compared the amount of space regular Facebook takes up, which is about 195MB. This is not an inconsequential difference.

In addition, Facebook Lite doesn’t preload photos in the way that Facebook does. It instead, downloads low resolution versions of photos that you can scroll through in your timeline, when tapped it will download the higher resolution version.

Also, when uploading photos, the images are compressed and sent to the background so that the user doesn’t have to stare at an uploading screen for minutes at a time.

User Interface

Facebook Lite is a totally redesigned app. The status posting feature has been re positioned to the top of the app (rather than a floating button in the bottom right), that has made the space bar to be shrunk down into a button.

The layout isn’t bad, it’s just different.It still has the same basic tabs ; News Feed, Friends Requests, Messages, Notifications, Search, and Options. The only challenge is you just can’t swipe between them; you have to tap them.

Facebook Lite

There is generally bigger text and buttons, which is intended for devices with low resolution screens. Yet it still has a semi-modern look with white cards over a grey background there’s just no real shading effect behind them.
In the notification panel below, you can see that the Lite version doesn’t feature the profile photos of anyone, instead opting for small, low resolution images to denote whether someone liked or commented on something. The only thing a off is that there’s no border between the notifications and the sides of the screen, making it look jam-packed.

Facebook Lite App For AndroidFacebook Lite

CPU power. Other “features” have been removed, like Facebook’s in-app browser that many people disable anyway.

Scrolling through the Lite app is noticeably less cooler than scrolling through regular Facebook. It’s obvious they made some adjustments to allow it to function properly on devices with low RAM and low

All in all, the app is certainly usable, its just a bit less smooth than the regular Facebook app.

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