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Facebook Login | Login Facebook 18: Still don’t know about Facebook? Then you are missing out on an amazing feature in this era of social network. With Facebook, you can communicate easily with friends and loved ones by simply adding them to your friends list by sending friends request and once it is accepted, you can share posts, remarks, images and chat conveniently from anywhere around the globe.
So if you have a Facebook account of your own, it is time to Login to that Facebook account.
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How difficult is FACEBOOK LOGIN in 2018?
The latest login procedure to Facebook is simply easy all that you need are two things
  1. Your Email address or Phone number
  2. Your Facebook account Password 

    How to Facebook Login
    Once you have these two requirements, simply follow these steps to login
    • Navigate to the Facebook Website via Www.Facebook.com
    • To the top right corner of the page, you will see two fields with the placeholders, Username or Phone number and Password 

    • Key in your Facebook details and simply click the Login button
    • If the details supplied are verified as accurate, you will be logged straight into your Facebook and account where you can enjoy the amazing features offered by the social media network.
    How to Facebook Login on Mobile in 2018
    For the Mobile device users, follow these steps to login to the Facebook platform
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    • Launch your Facebook application by tapping on the application icon from your device’s home screen
    • Once the application launches, you will be required to supply your details into the two fields made available
      • The first filed is where you will input your Facebook email address or phone number
      • The second field is where you will be required to enter your Facebook Password
    • Once you enter these, click on the Login button, located below the second field and if the details supplied are accurate, you will be logged right into your Facebook account.

    I hope you were able to access your Facebook account, do have a nice experience on the platform.

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