Facebook login sign in Desktop

                                         Facebook login sign in Desktop
 Facebook login sign in Desktop

How to access the desktop version of Facebook on my phone
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You can easily access desktop version of Facebook on your phone simple by visiting link below:

If again and again Facebook redirects you to m.facebook.com then you can refer to the below reference:
How to open Facebook Desktop Site on your phone
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There are 3 possible ways by which you can access www.facebook.com desktop version on your android phone.
Read this guide here:
Easy Steps To Access Desktop Version Of Facebook on Android mobile
Open Google Chrome on your android phone. Tap the Options button (3 dots at the top right side). Tick ‘Request desktop site', go back, click on the link below and copy it. Paste the link in your address bar and load. web.facebook.com

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Open your mobile browser app (chrome or internet)
Type facebook.com in url.
Click “Options” on browser
In options click “Request Desktop Version”
If your browser has not that option then you can download other browser apps like “puffin” etc from store.
Below is the video that'll will explain you how to access Facebook desktop version on mobile.

To access the desktop version of Facebook on phone,
Log in from your phone browser to facebook.
Now, on the Url bar, type Log into Facebook | Facebook
You should be able to see the desktop.

P.S: The link that I have shared got converted to hyperlink. So please inspect it accordingly.The only thing you need is google chrome.

Just click on the 3 dots on top right portion of your screen
Then scroll a bit (if required)
Then select on request desktop site
And then the page reloads again
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