Facebook Messenger; How Can I Recover My Deleted Messages

Facebook Messenger; How Can I Recover My Deleted Messages: I think I just mistakenly deleted my messages on Facebook Messenger, realizing what you did, you felt sober and wanting to hurt yourself so bad because those messages are extremely important and means a lot to you. Well, don’t worry that much because there is something you can actually do to recover those deleted messages. 

Though, it may seems as if you have actually deleted your messages from Facebook messenger but the truth is that some messages are not actually deleted, some may just be hidden in the archive box. Depending on how you delete those message, if you actually clicked on the “X” button to delete the messages, then calm down and feel safe because that method won’t delete the message completely, it only hides it from view and save it in the archive box.
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In order to access these messages, click on the drop-down menu to the left of the messenger page and then select “Archived” then you will be able to view all the messages you thought you deleted before.

But if you couldn’t find the messages in the archive box, then it means you have eventually deleted it permanently. But you can actually recover these deleted message with a third party application on your mobile phone. All you need to do is download and install the app (dr fone) from your app store and then follow the instructions in on the app.
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In order to avoid much stress, you can just send a new message to the message recipient informing them of what happened and as well ask kindly if they can screenshot your conversations with them and send it to you. This I believe will save you lots of time and as well data.

So as to avoid this type of occurrence from happening in the nearest future, you can simply archive your messages rather than delete them. You should also be careful while surfing your messages so as not to mistakenly delete your messages

I hope this was helful? Please share this with all your contact so as to enlighten them on how they can recover their mistakenly deleted messages.
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