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Facebook Mobile Icon: Facebook is one of the biggest social network platforms in the world if not even the biggest with more than 1.8 billion users. With these fan base and active users, it becomes heartbreaking when you see that only a few say hundreds are your followers on Facebook. 
This is not good for your brand, website and blog because the vast potential of people that tends to get your info with a single FB post cannot be underestimated, so it is time to consider inserting the Facebook mobile icon into your website, blog or any other online presence. This will certainly help you extend the social experience of your visitors so they can interact more with you.

So read this guide on Facebook mobile icon for guide.
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Facebook Profile Information Display
Usually, people put their Facebook profile at the left side of their blog, this is to aid identification of their account. To use the Facebook Icon from Facebook profile information:
  1. Open “Profile Badges” page on your Facebook. In the left of the page, you will see several options of badges including widgets home, like badges, profile badges, and photos badges.
  2. To choose profile badges for instance, click on the alternative and there will be 3 options to choose from in order to add the badge to platforms like Blogger or any other. If you don’t use the first two, you can select the “Other” button.
  3. Then you will see the HTML code in the field below the page, highlight the code, Copy and paste it on your website. For WordPress bloggers, you can insert the code into the HTML widget on the sidebar.
  4. Once you place this code, click save and then you can check that Facebook profile has been placed on the sidebar of the blog page. The profile information display on your blog will follow every change or update you make on your Facebook profile. 
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Note: You can choose to insert “Photo badge” or “Like Badge” on your website or blog. When you use Photo badge, it will automatically show your recently added photos and not your profile while the Like Badges reveals sites that has been liked by your Facebook friends and visitors.

This was simply easy to do right? Well congrats as you improve your fanbase

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