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Facebook no Photo: Uploading your pictures on Facebook for friends to view, like and comment is interesting and fun until you upload an unwanted picture mistakenly (pictures that you don't want people to see in public). You can actually remove the picture as quick as immediately after uploading it or noticed it but what you can't do is make those that have seen it "unsee" it. It is just better to remove it to avoid more people viewing the picture. This article will teach you how to remove mistakenly uploaded pictures as well as pictures you were tagged in by friends or other Facebook users

  • Go to the picture(s) you will like to remove and open it
  • Click on "options" below the picture
  • From the displayed list select "delete this photo"
  • Then finally click "confirm"
  • The picture will no longer be on your Facebook timeline, you might be lucky that none of your friends have viewed and saved it.

You can also use the above techniques to remove your profile picture but click on your profile picture instead of pictures on your timeline.

  • You can also remove a whole picture album using the steps below
  • Go to your photo
  • Select the album you want to remove
  • Click on the settings icon at the top right corner
  • Then from the list, select delete album and confirm. 
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In case you don't like a picture that you have been tagged, you can also remove the tag. You can simply tell the individual that tagged you to untag you or alternatively
  • Go to the picture
  • Click on the tag button and simply untag yourself from the picture
  • You can as well report the picture to Facebook for them to remove it. To do this;
  • Go to the photo
  • click on the arrow pointing down at the top right corner
  • Click on report post 
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You will be asked the reason you want to remove the picture, select any reason and click confirm. The picture will definitely be removed from Facebook.

I believed this article has helped you a lot to remove unwanted pictures from Facebook.
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