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A new mobile app
Sorry currently the app is under a new development cycle and not available for download. But you can still catch our app's main features by going through the below sections.

Introduction - We change the way people see and use FacebookOffline Facebookis an app which lets users interact with Facebook in an offline manner. It is totally free and has no mobile advertisements. The goal of the app is to enable you to access and interact with Facebook, offline, even when you have no Internet connection. Offline Facebook complements the original Facebook Mobile, by allowing you to check your Facebook News Feeds, write status, and upload photos/videos to Facebook whenever you want without the restriction of network availability. Offline Facebook silently prefetches Facebook News Feeds onto your phone and sends out posts/comments/likes as scheduled by user or when the Internet becomes available. It monitors which network should be used (in case you do not want to use your limited data plan) and monitor energy consumption on your phone. Many more features will be added to the app soon.

Download and installDownload the .apk file from the above link. The app currently is under internal test, and only avaialbe and distributed as the .apk file. We will make the app available in the market (Google Play) soon.
To install the app, you should set checkbox "Unknown sources" checked by choosing "Settings" and then "Security". This would allow you to install "non-Market" apps. You now use your phone to browse this webpage, and download the file to your phone. Do this by doing a "long" click to the above link and then select "Save link". After the file is downloaded, from the drop-down menu, click to the file and install.

Requirement: You should have Android >= 3.0 to run the app.
How to use?
The current version provides you the following benefits. Many more features will be added soon to create an "Offline" Facebook ecosystem.

News Feeds with photos and videos embeded are available for viewing, and displayed faster even when you lose your Internet connection.

Interact with News Feeds by liking or commenting Feeds. You can even schedule when your "Like" or "Comment" is sent out. Isn't it funny? Give your boy/girlfriend "Good night" message even when you are hanging out with your buddies. If the Internet is not availble at the time "Like" or "Comment" is supposed to be sent, the app would trigger the sending right at the time you get the Internet back.

Write a status/photo/video post to your own wall. Of course, you can schedule to send it.The following pictures give you little idea of how to use the app.

1. Main GUI

2. Feed Detail

3. Media View

4. Schedule Sending

5. Post Management

6. Settings

This is a more detailed guidance on how to schedule a post (comment, like or a status). To like or comment a post, you click to the button ">" as shown in the below figure (the left button allows you to save a feed forever, otherwise a feed will be deleted after 5 days). It shows you the detail of a feed.

You can like a feed if there are buttons "Like" and Calendar (see Figure 2). If the buttons are not there, this means the poster does not want to like his/her post. If you click to "Like", the request will be sent right away. So, you must have Internet connection to send the request. Otherwise, an error is reported to you "Fail to like". In the case you do not have the Internet, you should click to the Calendar button. It allows you to schedule when the like should be sent.

"Send After" is the time when the scheduled like should be sent. "Valid Through" is the time at which the scheduled like is still valid before it is deleted by the app. It is possible because the app fails to send the like before "Valid Through" (due to no Internet access). During "Send After" and "Valid Through", whenever the Internet is up, the like will be sent. For any scheduled like that has not been sent yet, you can manage them at "Scheduled Actions" menu.

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Terms of ServicesBy using our app, you agree to the following terms. Please read them carefully. To improve the performance of the app, we are collecting data from your device including app activities, your actions on the app, device resources, and your Facebook data. With respect to Facebook related data, we collect the ids of Facebook objects and the relationship between objects. The ids are anonymized using a one-way hashcode function in Java to ensure that the original data cannot be recovered from the collected information. The collected data does not include any personalizing information: NO Facebook message content, NO feed content (feed message, description), NO photo and video links, NO comment message content. The data is used for understanding user behaviors, interests and how the app affects resources on your device. The data collected is used to improve the quality and usability of the app in the future. By clicking"Accept"
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