Facebook Real Name Verification

                                                 Facebook Real Name Verification

                                    Facebook Real Name Verification
What Happens When You Violate Facebook’s Real Name Policy

Last Friday I logged into my Facebook page to learn that someone had reported me for not using my "real name" on my profile.

 What seemed like a minor annoyance at first turned into a huge pain in the ass that had me locked out of my profile for the first time in seven years.

So this may or may not be news to you, but Tree is not my real name. I haven't gone by my real first name in 18 years, give or take. It takes me a couple seconds to even realize someone might be talking to me when they say my birth name, which isn't often,

 because most everyone knows me as Tree. Hell, you could ask some of my longtime friends what my real name is and you'd be met with a blank stare. In short -- I'm Tree.

There are a number of reasons I don't use my real name, one of them being so I can keep my radio life separate from my personal life. Apparently, that's not okay with Facebook.
 A few years back, they started a real name policy because too many fake accounts were hurting their stock prices. It is because of that, that I had to deal with a bunch of bullcrap. Just take a look through the hoops I had to jump through because someone reported me.

First they let me know someone, who was likely butthurt about a Trump joke I made, asked them to review my profile.
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