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Facebook Sending out Friends' Request: With Facebook’s recent struggles with privacy breach, customers trust in the platform is going down and recent complains from users has been about Facebook sending out automatic friends request directly from user’s account. Although I have not personally experienced this, but example is a frustrated user who complained that in the past 3 months, FB has been randomly sending friend requests to his son's friends (Assumed friends of his friend on Facebook) without his permission.

He noticed that each time he accesses his Facebook account, he sees new names popping out of his notification that they have accepted his request, he tried to reduce the damage by simply going to his friend’s list and cancelling pending requests but this is however embarrassing and he wants a permanent solution to the automatic friends request from his account. So in today’s article we will reveal several things that might cause this unfortunate situation and suggest ways to curb this occurrence.
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One thing to take note of is that Facebook will never send out request on your behalf so it is better you check from your end what might have gone wrong with your account. Perform the following actions on your account. 
  1. Check the list of apps that are connected with your Facebook account and review the permissions you granted to them or simply uninstall and remove these apps from your Facebook account.
  2. Your account might have been compromised, so kindly change the password to your FB & the password to the email you use for FB. Once you change your password, ensure you choose to log out of all devices where you signed in your account.
  3. Remove any form of browser or Facebook Adds-on or extension connected to your browser
  4. Clear your browser’s cache & cookies if you use any form of web browser to access Facebook.
  5. Performing these steps will help you gain full access back to your account and going forward ensure you take these important points into consideration
  6. Ensure you don’t save your Facebook Login Credentials if you access your Account on someone else’s device
  7. Change your Password often
  8. Check the apps you connect with Facebook and read their terms and conditions before you accept hem and grant permissions
  9. Use strong Passwords on all your accounts 
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Am sure if you strictly follow these steps, you will resolve the issues on FACEBOOK SENDING OUT FRIEND REQUESTS, it is certain that Facebook does not automatically send requests on your behalf.

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