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Facebook Sign Up and FB Login | FB Log In or Sign Up: Facebook has gone past the sole communication function era, with Facebook account, users can now easily share their real life events, promote their brands and do all sort of things as Facebook now covers a wide range of social function.

Social media functionalities are expanding these days, so Facebook is not left out as several brand new features are been incorporated into the platform, so if you don’t own an account or you simply need to promote your brand, it is advisable to simply open a new Facebook account. So in today’s write up, we will show you just how easy it is to Sign up a brand new Facebook account and procedures for FB Login.
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How to Create or Sign up a Facebook Account
  • To easily sign up on Facebook, initially you will be required to navigate to the Facebook official website at Facebook.com 

  • Once the page loads, to the right hand side of the page slightly below the Login field, you will see the inscription “Create a new Facebook account” this is where you will input the required details 
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  • The details to be submitted to create an account on Facebook includes:
  • First name and Surname: This is the name that will appear on your account, so ensure you use a meaningful and easily recognizable name
  • Mobile number or Email Address: Ensure you supply an active email address or phone number here as this will be used to verify and solve any future issues
  • Password: Use strong passwords but ensure you can easily remember it
  • Select your Date of Birth
  • Choose your Gender
  • After you enter these details, simply click on the Sign Up button, notice the red signs in the image below, it simply means those fields cannot be empty.

  • On the next page that loads, you will be required to enter the captcha characters, this is to authenticate that you are not a robot. Enter the letters you see in the picture right into the field provided and click the Sign Up button.
Now you own an account on Facebook, the next step is to login and complete your profile. The simple steps you need to follow to complete your accounts are:
Step 1: You will be asked if you want the platform to access your email or phone contacts in order to suggest and add friends for you. Or, you could skip this step.
Step 2: Fill in your Profile Info. Go to your Profile and complete the information such as your home town, academic institutions attended, work place, etc. Fear not, this are just details to help suggest possible friends for you, you can also choose to skip this step.
Step 3: Upload an Image to your account: Set your profile image either by uploading an image from your device gallery or simply take a new photo. A "Skip" option is also offered if you intend not to upload any image, but why will you choose not to? Images are the best ways you can easily be identified

Easy Steps to FB LOG IN
Once your Facebook account is created, you can simply login by navigating to Facebook URL through Facebook.com. Then to the right of the page, you will see two fields to supply your Phone number or email address and then your password and simply click the Login Button. This will usher you straight into your account. 
Welcome to the amazing social platform. I hope Facebook Sign Up and FB Login was helpful?
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