Facebook Symbols and Their Meaning

Facebook Symbols and Their Meaning: I believed you must have noticed various Facebook symbols while scrolling through your Facebook page, these little icons are scattered in different locations on the Facebook page and each has its specific meaning and function. 

All these little icon or symbols may seems confusing for those that are new to Facebook especially those that just created their first account with Facebook. Though some of these icons are self-explanatory but not everyone that log on to Facebook on a daily basis knows this things and what they are used for.
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In order not to chase all these newbies away from Facebook, this article will educate you on the various Facebook symbols and their meanings. For easier and faster learning sake, I have divided these icons into two; the common icons and the ambiguous icons. So let’s start with the common ones below;
The most common icon used by Facebook users is the “Like” icon. It is a hand symbol doing a thumb up. With this icon you can like any post on Facebook, you can also like comments, pages etc.

Just at the topmost part of your Facebook page, you will discover four icons;
The first represent your Facebook timeline or news feed, where you get all your recent posts as well as your friend’s recent post.

The second icon looks like two people standing side by side, this is the friend’s icon, with this icon you can check up those that sent you a friend request and accept or reject them, you can also check your friend list as well as suggested friends list.

The third icon which is the image of the earth represent Facebook notifications, with it, you can get check all your notifications.
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And lastly, the three horizontal bars, this is the option icon which reveals some other Facebook options such as profile, groups, page, settings and so on.

Now moving down a bit, you will discover an edit field which states “What’s on your mind?” slightly above it, there are three important icons; a pen which enables you to create posts, a gallery icon which helps to add photo or video from your gallery and a video camera icon which allows you to capture live video for your post.

Then just below the edit field, there are some other icons, the location icon enable you pinpoint a location to share on your post, the next is the sticker icon which enables addition of various stickers into your post. Then just to the right, the Feeling/Activity iconwhich allows you to share your present feelings or action with your friends or other Facebook users. Lastly, the Tag friends icon this will allow you add some of your friends name into the post. 

When typing whatever is on your mind into the edit field, you will discover a smiley icon just at the extreme right of the field, there you can select any emoji of your choice to add into the post. 

Ambiguous Facebook Symbols

These set of symbols are well recognized by usual Facebook users but for newbies on facebook, it may be a bit hard to know what exactly they are used for.
So let’s start with the icon found in your profile, just at your main profile page to the left-hand side, you’ll notice the “Explore” section which contains lots of icons listed. 

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The first icon on the list which is the blue group icon, is actually to create and/or access your groups. The next which looks like a calendar is the event icon, it is used to create events and remainder on Facebook. Now below that is the flag-like icon which represent the pages, here you discover all the pagesyou are included and also checkout some other cool pages you could join. The next white icon with two blue person image, this is the friend list icon where you can check those that are your friends on Facebook. The ribbon-like icon which is next represent the Saved icon, where you’ll discover all the posts and pages you’ve saved on Facebook. The wrench-like icon is the icon to manage your apps, you can either add up some app or remove some on your Facebook account. The game icon is for playing all sort of Facebook games. The blue chart represent the Ads Manager, where you can publish advert on your Facebook page. And lastly, the clock arrow icon labelled “On This Day“, which enables you to search out specific post you made years back.

If you decide to click the “see more”, more icons will be revealed as shown below;

Fundraisers: for money donations to worthy causes, you can as well start up yours
Live Video: here you will find all sorts of arbitrary live video posted on Facebook
Pokes: here you will discover those you poked as well as those that poked you
Pages Feed:here you will discover all activities from your Liked pages.
Games Feed: also you will get to see all activities from your games on Facebook.
Suggest Edits: here you can give advance information about places by sharing information you know about them with Facebook.
Notes: here you can write blogs and share it into your Facebook
Photos: this is a gallery of all your photos uploaded to Facebook and those you were tagged in.
Offers: this is your collection of saved company offers directly from Facebook.
Recent Ad Activity:this will show you all the ads you clicked on recently
Payment History: Only relevant if you buy Facebook ads or otherwise pay Facebook for services.

Though some icons are not mentionbut those above are the necessary one which is relevant to surf Facebook with ease.

I hope this was beneficial? Kindly share this with those that are new to Facebook so they can learn what those Facebook symbols are used for.
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