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FB Account Registration | Facebook Account Registration: You must have heard several blabs about Facebook from your friends and colleagues, discussing what they’ve discovered on the pages of their celebrities, how convenient it is to communicate with their friends and family and the ease at which they get quick access to information simply because they are on this amazing social media network, so in today’s article we will show you the easy steps to register your FB account.

To register an FB account, you need either of two things to proceed easily with your registration, you either use your email address or phone number. Once you have any of these, follow the steps below:
  • Visit www.facebook.com in a web browser
  • On the Facebook login page that will be displayed, click on "Signup" 

  • Then you will be required to fill in your personal details which include your name, your email address or mobile number, a password of your choice to secure your account and your date of birth. When you fill the details, simply click "create an account"
Now the account has being created, the remaining things to do is simply setup the created account.
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The step by step procedure to follow to set up your Facebook account are as follows as shown in the images below.

Step One: Add Friends. This step Implores you to add friends, you can allow Facebook to search through the contact list of your email address or phone number to suggest friends to add up. You can however skip this step. 
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Step Two: Find Friends. In this step, you can simply search for friends to add by typing their name or via your email or phone number. You can also skip this step 

Step Three: Profile Information: This step implores you to complete your account info by supplying some more details about you. This can also be skipped to be completed later 

Step Four: Profile picture. In this step, you are required to upload a profile picture, this is simply to aid identifying you. 

Finally, you will be required to verify the email account or phone number you dropped during registration, click on "verify now" and a mail or SMS will be sent to the email address or phone number, login to the email and view the mail, then click on "verify your account" or input the codes sent with the mail into the space provided on your Facebook page and its done, account verified, FB Account Registration Complete.

Welcome to Facebook!

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