Get your the Old Profile Back- Facebook

Get your the Old Profile Back- Facebook: Facebook is a social media network which aids connection of thousands of users all over the world, it is not restricted by distance, all it needs is for users to create an account and add as many friends as possible and then you are good to go, you can share your pictures and videos with all your friends as well as chat up with direct messages. 

The large increase in the numbers of Facebook users is as a result of the user friendly interface utilized by Facebook developers which is extremely easy to go about. But recently, there was a change in Facebook app looks which has caused a great deal on the social media platform, many of its users have difficulties in accessing and utilizing the app just like it was before and may be thinking of letting go.
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If you are part of those who do not like the new Facebook looks and really wish to change to what it was before, I’m happy to inform you that there is something that can be done about that, at least for the time being.
If you do not crave for a change in Facebook looks, simply install the Facebook developer application by following this link; After that is done, follow this link to opt out of the latest new looks;
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And that’s all, isn’t it simple? This method may not last forever, no one know when it can be cancelled.
You can share this with people you know does not like the new Facebook looks so they can change it.
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