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How to go back to the old Facebook messages

Open the chat box. Click on the small gear icon on the top of the chat box & select 'See Full Conversation'
In full conversation, if you script up you will see Loading Older Messages (69,514), just note down the number!
Right click on 'See older messages' at the top left of the page & select 'Open link in new tab'
In the new page opened see for the values of 'start' and replace it with the total number of conversations.
Now change the value of 'page_size' with the same value entered for 'start'.
Then hit Enter. And you can see your messages from starting! ·

If she is not online anymore, she may have deleted her account or deleted individual messages, and those messages may not be available anymore…

Other than that, here’s how to do:
There are several ways to access facebook Messenger. One way is via the web: so go to Messenger (and log in)

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Click on a chat on the left hand side, select a chat. When chats are selected, the most recent chat history is loaded in the middle panel.
scroll up on the middle panel to view old facebook messages
scroll up more to get even older messages
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