Google Login History

Google Login History
Google Login History
How to Check Gmail Account Login Activity And Prevent Suspicious Activity

Do you think somebody is accessing your Gmail account without your knowledge? If you suspect any suspicious activity, then checking the recent activity of your Gmail account will help keep your account safe.

You can monitor recent activity on your account. First, log into your Google Gmail account.

Once you log in, scroll down to the bottom of your inbox, and you see the login activity of your account. The last log in and the number of places you are logged into are displayed. To check more details about the IP address, location, and Access Type, click on Details.

Check the details about the country and IP address along with the access type (e.g., POP, browser, IMAP, etc.)

If anyone else is logged into your Gmail account, it will show the details under Concurrent Session Information. Just click on Sign Out All Other Sessions and immediately change your password.

If you want to change the Alert Preferences, scroll down and click on the Change link.

Select Show An Alert On Unusual Activity (recommended.) If Google suspects any unusual activity on your Gmail account, it will show an alert on top of your Inbox and will advise you to change your password.

To further improve the security of your Gmail account, you can enable Two Factor Authentication for your Google account.
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