How can I make my facebook friends list private

How to Make Your Facebook Friend List Private

It isn’t going too far to say that privacy is generally cherished, and appreciated by the masses. Yet, all too often, especially on social media sites like Facebook, it feels like we’re trapped in a glass box, with everyone we know (and even people we’ve never met before) peeking in. One of the most egregious gaps in our Facebook privacy is the fact that anyone can view who we’re friends with if we don’t have the proper settings in place.
If this open access makes you uncomfortable, here’s how you can prevent these viewings, and make your friend list private:

1. Log onto Facebook, and enter your personal timeline by clicking on the link that includes your name and profile picture, located on the right side of the top bar.
2. Once there, click on the button that says “Friends.” This link will be located directly above the box where you write status updates, post photos/videos, and create life events.
3. Then, in the “Friends” field of this page, go to the top right corner, and look for a small picture of a pencil. Click on this, and then click on the “Edit Privacy” link.

4. Finally, in the top portion of this pop-up, you’ll see the question, “Who can see your friends list?” Click on the down arrow located on the right side, and choose the privacy setting that works best for you.
If you want to have the most privacy possible, click “Only Me.” However, you do have other options. You can make the list available to people who are friends with you (Friends), or restrict it to your especially good friends (Friends Except Acquaintances). You can even create a custom list of who can, and cannot access the list (Custom). If you later decide to drop these security restrictions entirely, you can always make your friends list available to everyone (Public).
5. (Optional): Click the down arrow that says “More Options” to see other alternatives for who can, and cannot, view your friend list.
Keep Personal Info Personal
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