How can i see who unfriended me on fb

A glimpse of the Who Deleted Me app interface.
Who Deleted Me
If you've ever been curious why your Facebook friend count is down, there is now an app that tells you who exactly unfriended you.
The free app for iOS and Android is called Who Deleted Me, and it wasspotted by Rachel Zarrell at BuzzFeed. It also is a browser extension for Google Chrome.
It works by simply saving a copy of your friend list after you first use Who Deleted Me.
who deleted me screenshot 2
Who Deleted Me tells you who your missing friends are as well as who recently became your Facebook friend.
Who Deleted Me
When you revisit the app or browser extension, it will compare your friend list with the saved version — which unfortunately means you can't see who unfriended you back in 2012.
It provides a list of who stopped being your friend on Facebook as well as any new friends since the last time you were logged on.
Both the app and the browser extension will identify whether you were the one to delete a friend and whether someone merely deactivated their Facebook profile. Here's a mock-up of what the app looks like:
app who deleted me
The app lets you see who deleted you, who you deleted, and who deactivated their account.
Who Deleted Me
The app and website became so popular this week that the website began running slower on Monday and eventually suffered some outages. Who Deleted Me has since said it has updated to bigger servers to cover the increased traffic.
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