How Can you Know if Someone Blocked you on Facebook

How Can you Know if Someone Blocked you on Facebook: Facebook users are given opportunity to block friends from viewing their post, checking their profile, commenting/replying their posts and any other thing connecting different users.

If you noticed that you have not being seeing a friend's post and comment, then probably the individual have blocked you from accessing his/her account because you will never receive alert stating you have being blocked, but that is just a thesis which might not be true, it is possible the individual has deleted his/her own account. This article will guide you to be 100% sure of those that have blocked you on Facebook

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Here are 4 different methods to determine if someone has actually blocked you on Facebook;

Method 1: Using the message approach, visit your previous conversation with the person via messages, check the person's profile picture, if what you see is the blank Facebook profile picture and the individual's profile name cannot be clicked to view his/her profile, then it is likely you have been blocked. To confirm, try send him/her a message, if the message was returned as mistake, then certainly, the individual has blocked you from accessing his/her account.

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Method 2: Using abuse reporting approach, again, visit your previous conversation with such individual, from the top right corner, click on the "action" tab, then click on "report spam or abuse" from the drop-down list. Then from the next window, select "report this participant for harassment" and click "okay", if it displays "procedure not allowed", then it is sure the individual has blocked you on Facebook.

Method 3: This approach is mainly used when you have no conversation with the individual involved and the first 2 approaches are useless. To use this, get the username of such person on Facebook, try find the person username on Google by typing the usrrname+facebook and search, then from the search result, click on the username to view his/her profile page, if it displays "the page you asked for is not found" then it seems you have being blocked or the person has deleted his account. To confirm, open your web browser and enter "" if the result displays the individual's Facebook information such as his/her name, username and ID, then certainly you have being blocked because only active Facebook users will have their information displayed.

Method 4:
Alternatively, you can decide to ask a mutual friend if he/she still sees the friend on Facebook, if yes, then definitely, you have been blocked.

I hope you have learnt how to detect those that blocked you on Facebook, you can share this article with friends to help them out also.
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