How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook

How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook:Today I would love to share with you a detailed instruction on how to create a Facebook Live poll video with Video React.
How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook

You probably have noticed that Facebook Live poll videos are the hottest trend right now; you could say that they have swept through the social media marketing community like a tidal wave. I know that many marketers would love to try this new format on their pages but don’t know how to create it.
You might already have seen a bunch of complicated tutorials on the internet that perhaps pushed you off from even trying. But no need to despair! In this article, I will show you how to create a Facebook Live poll video in just about 15 minutes without any programming skills or special technical knowledge. 

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LATEST UPDATE Dear friends, the service I mention in this article doesn’t work anymore. I recommend you to use GoUpLIVE instead. It is even easier to use and they have more interesting interactive video templates. On top of that, they stream your live polls from their servers, so you don’t need to do it from your computer anymore.
If you would like to learn more about the templates offered by UpLIVE.
Happy polling! How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook

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Facebook Live poll: what is this?

A short introduction for those of you, who haven’t heard about Facebook Live polls before.
Basically, Facebook Live poll is a simple video consisting of the following elements: 1) a question, 2) two or four images representing answer options, 3) the reactions a user is supposed to use and 4) vote counters that are updated in real time.
How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook

This is the Live poll from where it all started: Clinton vs Trump. It got more than 19 million views, 437,000+ reactions and more than 15,000 shares.

Why are Facebook Live poll videos more efficient than normal page posts?
The answer to this question is very simple. There are at least two reasons for that:
First of all, Facebook tends to push Live videos higher in the Newsfeed. Live videos get an extra organic boost from the algorithm while they are live. After that, a live video is treated as a normal video post which also gets a good organic reach. In case you didn’t know, Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote Live events. So, it goes without saying, that Facebook is right now trying to encourage people to use this feature.
Secondly, Facebook live polls are a new cool feature and people love all things shiny and new. Live polls stand out in people’s feeds and attract more attention. For this reason, now is the best time to jump on the live poll train. You want to be one of the first ones, rather than last, to use this new feature. This way you get the best results.

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How to create a Facebook Live poll video in 5 easy steps
UPDATE: Hey guys! I have recently found a new cool tool called UpLive. They have some unique Facebook LIVE video templates that I haven’t seen any other services offering. I personally love their Reveal template as it works just great. If you are interested, check them out. I also have a new article with in-depth description of all their templates and how you can use them to promote your Facebook page.
Happy LIVE polling! How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook
— Ekaterina Frolova
In this tutorial we will create a quick and easy live poll with the help of a service called Video React. Note: this isn’t a free service but it is definitely worth every cent. It will save you a lot of precious time and, most importantly, your nerves.
I have already created several Facebook Live polls with Video React and I absolutely love it. It took me literally some 15 minutes to create my first poll and even less for the next ones. You don’t have to deal with any HTML-templates. You won’t even need to create a Live event on Facebook; Video React will do the whole job for you.

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You will be able to create four types of Facebook live polls with the help of Video React:
a poll with two photos (for example, cats vs dogs) and reactions How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook and How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook
a poll with one photo and the same two reactions (How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook & How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook). You might want to use this one if you want to create your own image with special fonts or your branding. I use Canva to create an image for this type of poll.
a poll with four photos and four different reactions.
NEW FEATURE: a poll with a question and four horizontal lines where the amount of votes is displayed. I really love this poll type. I have seen one major Facebook page using a poll like this to compare footballers (the European kind How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook ). I think this template is great for encouraging audience to vote for their favourite celebrities, foods, drinks, flavours, clothing items and so on.
You can see each type displayed in the picture below.

How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook

In a nutshell, all you need to do is follow these five steps:
sign up for Video React;
download a free software for broadcasts called OBS Studio (works with Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux OS);
in Video React, create your Facebook Live poll post (upload your images and write the post text);
copy and paste the key and link (generated for you in Video React) into the OBS Studio software;
click the «Start streaming» button.
That’s it! How Do I Make A Poll On Facebook It’s that simple! No programming or technical knowledge needed!

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